The Aigeltinger Family 

Historical Facts, Recollections, Photoes and Genealogy.   

Research and narration by Heinz-Michael Stahl.

The 57 pages booklet focuses mainly on the Norwegian branch of the Aigeltinger family.




Preface to Booklet by Heinz-Michael Stahl:

The more I learned about my grandparents’ ancestors’ lives, fortunes and misfortunes, and, indeed, those of my spouse, the more I became convinced that it would be a shame if this treasure was lost. So, in order to contribute to avoiding this from happening, I decided to compile an account of my own four grandfathers’ ancestors as well as those of my wife Rosa Maria. 

This booklet represents one part of the book referred to above, the one dealing with my Aigeltinger ancestors. It is in English so that the Norwegian part of the Aigeltinger descendants may be able to enjoy this account as well. 

This booklet contains bits and pieces of information collected here and there, data and pictures of my - Heinz-Michael Stahl's - direct Aigeltinger ancestors; it mentions other Aigeltinger ancestors only in passing. The booklet is, therefore, necessarily unbalanced, but other Aigeltinger descendants can build on it and come up with accounts of their own direct forefathers. The reader should feel free to avail him/herself of the information contained in this booklet; mentioning the source will be appreciated. 

Life is nothing but a hardly noticeable draw of air current of hardly any importance against the incomprehensive vastness of the universe and our genealogy. However, this does not preclude that we pay due respect to life, especially that of others, and even more so of our ancestors to whom we owe so much ... 

The genealogy was updated at the end of 2012. 

Florianopolis / Brazil, January 2013


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